As the Sisters of St. Francis, we live out the Gospel values through a Franciscan lens. Inflamed by the fire of the Spirit of God, following in the footprints of Jesus and inspired by St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi we have:

  • an intense love of God and a desire to be like Jesus
  • a respect for all persons, especially the poor
  • a deep reverence for all creation
  • a commitment to peacemaking
  • a desire to create community wherever we are

Grounded in community, we strive to live out the Gospel values of

  • Contemplation
  • Conversion
  • Poverty
  • Minority
As a Sister
As a Sister of St. Francis

We center our Gospel lives in our relationship with God the Creator, Jesus our Brother, and the Holy Spirit. This relationship is strengthened through Eucharist, Franciscan morning and evening prayer, faith sharing, and private prayer.

Where do I begin?
What is God calling me to do with my one wild precious life?
What would it be like to be a Franciscan Sister?
Do I have the gifts and qualities to live as a Sister?
Do I have the passion and enthusiasm to live simply?

A decision to become a vowed Franciscan unfolds over time. We can offer you a place to discern and understand both God’s call and your heart’s desire within a faith community.

To explore more about a call to the Sisters of St. Francis and religious life, we invite you to contact our Vocation Director who can help you to understand your call and also learn more about us.

3390 Windsor Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: (563) 583-9786


“It’s rewarding to be part of a “sisterhood” a group of Gospel women who are rooted in prayer and committed to address the needs of those on the margins of society.”

Sister Janet May

“I’ve had so many adventures while living the Gospel life in community! I’ve been stretched, challenged, and transformed by each living situation and ministry I’ve been part of. My sense of God has expanded, as has my capacity for love, forgiveness, and living joyfully.”

Sister Brenda Whetstone

“I can accomplish so much more in community than I could do by myself. When I am following the directives (goals) that all of us set for ourselves, I know that my efforts are God’s work. I also find living in a community of sisters who care about and for each other a joyful experience.”

Sister Janice Hoffman

“The love and support of our Franciscan Community is so rewarding. In my many years of teaching, I also had many opportunities to help people in need.”

Sister Imogene Klein

“It is both challenging and rewarding to belong to a religious community that constantly encourages me to grow ever more aware of the needs of the people of God and how I/we might be able to respond to those needs.”

Sister Ruth Schock

“Sisters encourage and support one another to answer God’s call to Gospel living. Our vowed life has purpose and meaning because we are in relationship with others, take risks together, and embody hope and love for the world.”

Sister Kathy Knipper