Prayer & Spirituality

The Spirit of Prayer

We, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Family, Dubuque, Iowa, are committed to prayer and contemplation. We set aside time for daily prayer and are called to share our prayer and spirituality through our sponsored ministry of Shalom Spirituality Center; accompanying men and women on their faith journeys with spiritual direction; and remembering the intentions submitted in our prayer requests.

Interior view of Francis Chapel

“Inspired by the example of Mother Xavier, we are called to a trustful dependence on God, a spirit of joy, and a courageous response to the changing conditions of our time.”  ~Constitutions 12

Shalom Spirituality Center
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Founded in the Franciscan tradition, the Shalom Spirituality Center is a sacred space in a peaceful environment, offering hospitality and hope, inspiration and challenge, programs and privacy, calling people to God and to fullness of life.

Shalom Spirituality Center was established in 1989 and is owned and operated by the Sisters of St. Francis, Dubuque. The Center annually serves over 8,000 people of all ages and faith traditions.

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(563) 582-3592

Prayer Requests

We invite you to send your prayer requests to us so that we may remember your intentions in our daily prayers.

Spiritual Direction

The Dubuque Franciscan Sisters seek to help those needing more spiritual direction in life. Sisters who are certified spiritual directors will listen to you in a non-judgmental, confidential manner to guide you to see the many ways a sacred presence is active in your life.

If you are interested, please contact any one of the spiritual directors below for further information or initial conversation. For more information about spiritual direction, visit

Certified spiritual directors listed by location.

Dubuque, Iowa:

Sister Marci Blum, OSF
(563) 663-3829

Sister Ginny Heldorfer, OSF
(952) 457-5193

Sister Dorothy Schwendinger, OSF
(563) 564-5911

Sister Virginia Jennings, OSF
(515) 967-3796

Okolona, Mississippi:

Sister Nancy Schreck, OSF
(563) 663-7228

Sister Pat Farrell
Also open to remote spiritual direction via Zoom
(563) 580-1526

Nancy Meyerhofer
Also open to remote spiritual direction via Zoom
(563) 552-8151